It is election time in Belgrade (and two other cities Bor and Aranđelovac) , because on 04 March a new city council has to be elected. Its metropolitan territory is divided into 17 municipalities, each with its own local council, so good luck with the elections.

I tried to find some political programs , but it is hard to find ANY political program. I have checked some of the main political party’s who are running for these elections:
1) I asked politely via Twitter to mr.Vučić ‘s (=he is the president of Serbia)  political party “SNS”, running as “Aleksandar Vučić – Zato što volimo Beograd!” (=Aleksander Vučić, because we love Belgrade), the political program and of course ~ no reply~;
2) For the SPS ( the socialists) I could not find anything on their website as well;
3) Th DS (Democratic party) called me and I asked them if they have a political program on their website and the sad sad yes. I can t find and I asked via Twitter and of course ~ no reply~;
4) “Došta je bilo” (=enough is enough) running together with Dveri  and they have a program on their website, but from 2016… ~next~
5) The political party “šta radite bre” (what are you doing) gave a me a program on the street and I got a nice button: as a Dutch I am sensitive for free stuff ( and I assume Serbs as well) , so they would have get my vote if I would have a right to vote…. And hey, how democratic, a political program, printed in my hand (and yes the button)…

Meanwhile I still don ‘t know what they all want for this beautiful city, so I can help them a bit with giving them 5 points for their political program.

1) Belgrade needs to invest in their hospitals & healthcare ( as anywhere in Serbia), thus in general the healthcare system: prio number 1 !

2) Finish the running projects for Belgrade’s Waterfront, but stop immediately with the rest before there is a democratic control mechanism on this project. Maybe there should be even a parliamentary investigation (does that exist here) about how this project was approved. Renewal is good, nothing bad about that, but only the way to it should be democratic (aka according to EU standards).

3) Upgrading public transport : a metro would be nice, but also cheaper possibilities would be possible like a tramway or a trolley. Great solutions are possible with a small budget, it isn’t difficult, you just need the brains ( and there are enough of them). We do not want a budget deficit until the year 2150, so a metro: ~ ne hvala~ Be realistic, because a metro is not realistic seen the economic situation and the huge costs.

4) Talking about economic capable to built a metro, maybe you can first start repairing the street, for example the main shopping street ?

5) To earn some money  I would suggest: tougher  control on traffic violations. Hang some camera’s  around the city roads and you will maybe even have some money left for point number 1.

Those are only 5 points , grap them here for free I would say ,  translate them into Serbian and make the best out of it !

Update 10h00: On Twitter there were people so kind to send me a link to the political program of “Ne davimo Beograd” (“let Belgrade not drown”) :
Great and good to see! Thank you dear Twitter people 🙂 !

The logo of their party
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