A year ago the main railway station of Belgrade was closed. The leader of Yugoslavia (yes that country which collapsed in the ‘ 90), Josip Broz Tito wanted a main railway station somewhere else (called “Prokop”). Many, many governments after wanted to finish the works, but the current one did it and the result is a disaster. Instead of admitting there was a planning error made they continue with the destruction of the main railway station in Belgrade, and this is just one example (we forget the Belgrade Waterfront, the gondola etc.etc.). I receive many complains and questions from foreigners about this ridiculous situation.

The picture below it explains it all….. It is Belgrade in one picture……

For more pictures please click on the picture below.Oh and their are plans for a railway museum in the old depot (called ložionica in Serbian)?
The Belgrade depot in better times…. (Photo Wikipedia)

Forget it , because it is in ruins and it is just waiting to be demolished…..
And some more stories from my hand about the Belgrade railway station :

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