When I came to Serbia in August 2014 at one point I came in contact with the people of the Klub ljubitelja železnice Beograd (site) , which is translated like the “The club of friends of the railways in Belgrade”.

I became member as I am a railway friend as well and I came in contact with Milan. Milan welcomed me from the very first beginning. He always welcomed me in our club wagon, back then at the main railway station afterwards at ” Dunav stanice ” , when they moved our wagon, because of the closure of the main railway station of Belgrade (read here).
Unfortunately our friend Milan died last week after a short sick bed. This post is a sort of tribute to him: Milan hvala ti ! (=Milan thank you!) Thank you for being always friendly and feel me welcome! Thank you for the food and drinks we shared, the laughter and our experiences:  you know now the difference between a Dutch 1600 NS locomotive and the Yugoslav (now Slovenian) Brigitka…..

We will miss you ! Hvala ti Milane !

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