If you ever think that the Balkans are boring with boring people who have no sense of humor at all, then I just would recommend you to continue reading. My attention was drawn to the following Tweet yesterday:

Of course this it not in Croatia (it is in  Sri Lanka) , but that does not matter. What matters were the replies from people from the Balkans (mostly ex-Yugoslavia) which gives you a good insight about the humor the people have in this region. For example the beautiful nature of Pančevo in Serbia, which is close to Belgrade and has massive industry.

Another person tweeted:

The Sabacki Vasar is actually a huge fair in Šabac, Western Serbia, where you can buy everything and eat of course a lot of meat. The lions from Croatia would love it:

Meanwhile you can enjoy the beautiful Ada beach in Belgrade, Serbia:

If you are really want to see some beautiful pyramids, you go of course to Bosnia:

The Ohrid Lake in Macedonia is known for it sharks:

And when you cross the Greek-Macedonian border, watch out for snow storms !

Yes the winters can be harsh as well in Croatia:

I only ask how the giraffes survives in Croatia and the dolphins in the Ada lake here in Belgrade?

Stefan from Kosovo reported me that the giraffe there was eaten by dino´s

While Maximus from Kosovo tweeted me that I for sure must have seen the Lynxes in the mountains, and actually we do have them here in the Balkans :

Yes dino´s also exist in Croatia:

But he, we also have giraffe´s in Belgrade I discovered:

We all need a good joke sometimes, beside all the serious news we have to consume daily and people in the Balkan region know how to produce a good laugh ;-).

And yes I hate Mondays too @nada_speranza 😉

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