We entered the New Year 2018 and the world is changing as always. The question is if we are just the spectators who are seeing how the world is changing, or are we are actually more then just  spectators who are seeing the world changing? As one of those spectators in daily life I  saw the world changing slowly , no matter where I lived: the Netherlands, Belgium, France,Macedonia and Serbia.

Lately I have been cleaning up my digital photo albums and saw slowly the differences between ” then” and “now” in my world.  In the country were I live now with my love, Serbia, things seems to develop faster, sharper and more abrupt. On the other hand some places don’t seem to change, but if you look good you’ ll see they actually do.

Here a small overview with pictures from Serbia, the Netherlands, France and Greece: they are made on exactly the same spot, but on a different time.

 Beograd, Kalemegdan, before WWI (?)
Source: www.europeana.eu
 Beograd, Kalemegdan, 10th December 2017
Beograd, Kalemegdan fortress in the 1930ies
Source: www.europeana.eu
Beograd, 10th December 2017
 Mortagne-sur-Sevre (France), 1995   Mortagne-sur-Sevre (France), November 2006
Skopje (Macedonia), 04/05/2006 Skopje (Macedonia), 30/06/2016
 Culemborg, 1875 (NL)
Painting from spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht (NL)
 Culemborg, 21/09/2009 (NL)
 Thessaloniki (Greece), October 2004  Thessaloniki (Greece),05/07/2016
Beograd (Serbia), 11/05/2016 Beograd (Serbia), 08/12/2017
*Note: when no source stated than I hold the copyright of the picture.
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