On the 28th December 2016 I wrote to the community/City Hall of Novi Beograd (servisnicentar@novibeograd.rs) the following:

Dobar dan,
I want to request an intervention of the Opstina Novi Beograd as soon as possible to clear out the traffic situation on the following location in your municipality:
The location is at Bežanijska kosa , please see attached picture. The priority situation is not clear ( especially for the cars coming from the left from the direction of the highway) and I already had almost three times an accident. Maybe the lines on the road can be make more clear and you can place additional signs ? 

 I apologise to do my request in English, ucim sprski ali nije sad mnogo dobro. Kad vi mozete pisati mene na srpskom nema problema. Kad vi hocete vise informacije , write me please.
Wishing you a nice day and looking forward to your reply + actions.
Puno pozdrava,
Fabian Vendrig

I never received ANY reply, only the Twitter account  seemed to care a bit, but even via them I never saw any reply or any action. You can write me that ” this is Serbia” , or ” this is normal” and I will reply you: “No this is not normal!” As a foreign national who is paying a lot of taxes in this country the minimum I can expect is that the government reply to my request. It doesn’t matter if it is Serbia, Swaziland or the Netherlands.

I know the current prime minister want to clean up the image of the Serbian government with E-government, local democracy etc. etc. : she has a long way to go it seems and I can only encourage her and I truly hope that she will succeed !

12/05/2016: Centre of Belgrade: An old Yugoslav sign to Skoplje (=Skopje, MK).
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