This Sunday there will be elections for the Serbian parliament and the local government  (in Serbian “opština”), except for Belgrade.  The current government did not fulfill their full 4 year mandate, because they wanted new elections to strengthen their current mandate. Key issues are Serbia’s accession process to the European Union, economic reforms, but also the relation with Russia.

The Serbian newspaper “Blic” made a nice overview , below an example, the full gallery can be seen here (link).671f236f9f5f412531ac2caceed76880

Also Vojislav Šešelj will be running for parliament with his SRS party (Српска Радикална Странка=Serbian Radical Party), but I personally think they will not have a huge influence, even if they win some seats in the Serbian parliament. Of course foreign media will focus on Šešelj as all charges from the ICTY (=the “Yugoslav” tribunal) has been dropped against him recently, so yes he is an “eye” catcher, but actually he is not important.

No, more important is the current prime minister Aleksander Vučić and his SNS (Српска напредна странка=Serbian Progressive Party) party who will win the elections. All polls will show that he will have the majority, or even the absolute majority. We will see, let the Serbian voters speak first. politika

More or less I know what the Serbian voters want and that is actually the same as everybody else want : a stable economy, a good stable government (no corruption), a good healthcare and eduction system and of course progress in a positive sense.  You believe it or not, but Serbs are really not different then anybody else….

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