Čačak-PožegaIt is almost a year that I live now in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

A lot of positive things happened in my life and I am grateful that I am living here in Serbia together with my wife. After a year I can conclude that I found pretty much my place here. If you emigrate to a foreign country it can turn in a disappointment, it is like to go into a tunnel, but actually only beautiful things I discovered after the tunnel.
SrbijaSerbia is not always so positive in the news, especially not in my former home country the Netherlands: last month for example around the commemoration in Srebrenica (I wonder why the international community did also not commemorate the +/-3500 Serbian victims there). Before it was about Vojislav Šešelj who was temporarily released and all the scars were opened again. Against all those negative things from the post I want to voice something positive about the country I am living now:

I can tell you that I am proud to live here, because Serbia is an amazing country with super friendly people. Therefore I am dedicating this blog post to the ordinary Serbs which I meet in the bus , on the street, at the kiosk, in the restaurant, in the supermarket, the local shop or anywhere else, I just want to say to you all: Thank you for your patience and thank you for feeling me welcome. First of all, my wife, but also of course my family in law, my friends and my colleagues are all very helpful and welcome and I am blessed with that, BUT the people which I do not know directly are also like that and that is why it is more than worth living in this country.

So hvala, bus-driver for waiting for me when I run for your bus, hvala dear Goka when you serve me food for my lunch, hvala Milenko from the exchange-office for chatting with me every morning (da ‘jebem ti oblak’ will be soon standard Serbian), hvala shop owner who ask every time for confirmation if I am truly from the Netherlands (yes I am, I am not from Mars) and hvala kafana owner for changing the TV channel  with a smile from tennis to the ‘Tour de France’  (how to make friends in the kafana in Serbia 😉 ). You make me all ever day smile so I write to you: Hvala Srbijo!



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