A railway station is place to meet and a place to say farewell. Two years ago I met you at Belgrade railway station and now it is time to go for you and your family. You write many bites and also one for me, but this is my bite for you. Metaphorically seen you waited for me at the station and now I see you leaving while I am staying with now my wife. Keep on writing and I will keep on biting in Serbia, one day I hope we can have again “blejanje”* time.

Belgrade railway station


Yvo’s website: http://www.kuhling.nl/

*blejanje= the art of doing nothing, well described in Yvo’s book ” Serbia bites”.

If you want to learn the Serbian verb, here you go:
Ja blejim
Ti blejiš
On bleji
Mi blejimo
Vi blejite
Oni bleje


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