secanje-fbDutch people like to complain , Serbian people as well, but they complain less I have to admit.  I try to do the best for Serbia as much as I can, because I love my (soon to be) wife who is a Serb and her country (where I live) and its people. So I love Serbia and I am really glad I am living here, a dream came true for me.

BUT, I am Dutch, so I complain still now and then, so here it goes….

For our research about Serbian WWI soldiers who died in the Netherlands (more info on I want to know if there are WWI monuments in the places where those soldiers came from (see our Google maps here). Last weekend we went to Đerdap National Park, which is truly beautiful. I wanted to know if there is a WWI monument in Golubac (which is on the route to Đerdap) so I wrote the Tourist Organisation of Golubac ( on 24/04/2015 with the question if they have such monument and where it is. My aim is to visit such monuments in the places where those soldiers came from so to honor those forgotten Serbian WWI heroes who died in my country far away.

I wrote the email in (my bad) Serbian and I am still waiting a reply… I sent a friendly reminder on 02/05/2015, but still no reply. Then I became impatient and sent a mail to the “Opština” (=Community) of Golubac on 05/05/2015 ( and again I am still waiting a reply…. When I sent a Twitter message to the National Tourist Organisation of Serbia a day later I became hopeful: they tweeted me back: for sure you will get a reply, but I am still waiting.

Serbia needs tourism (especially the beautiful area around Golubac), Serbia needs investments, but with this attitude not a lot of progress will be made. My advice to you: reply within 24 hours, because foreigners will loose quickly attention. If you do your work properly it will be much more appreciated and you will earn even money. A positive example was our host in Donji Milanovac who had everything perfectly arranged with all the papers and everything (chapeau!): so it is possible!

This is not a story about me or my stupid complaints, no in contrary.

This is about Bogdan Lazić (info here) and Velizar Vuković (info here) two Serbian WWI soldiers who died both on the 21st January 1919 in Apeldoorn -the Netherlands-  and who both were from Golubac. Is anybody going to reply me so I can pay respect to them?
GolubacIf they will reply me and come with helpful answers I promise I will write a praising post about them all, let’s hope soon I can write that post….

Update 23h57 : got a Twitter message from @serbiatourism so that sounds promising 🙂 My cheers to you already!

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